James So

James has helped many of the world’s leading high tech, pharmaceutical and consumer companies to create new markets, transform operations, and improve their global capabilities. He has worked extensively in U.S., Japan, China, Taiwan, Korea, and Singapore in the areas of innovation, post merger integration, and business model transformation. He is an active investor and advisor to startups and entrepreneurs.

Bob Stillerman

Bob is a technologist and INSEAD Alumni enthusiast. He consults for a variety of high technology projects, plays tennis, and looks after his capital investments in his spare time.

Keyuri Shah

Keyuri is a Healthcare Strategy and M&A Professional who creates value and accelerates growth through developing and executing organic and inorganic strategies. She is recognized for her pragmatic, forward-thinking approach to strategy development, a strong business acumen, and a keen eye for data analyses. She has served as a thought-leader in her industry, cultivating productive and engaged teams, and exceeding business development goals focused on long-term gains.

Luis Enrique Copeland Escriba

Luis E. Copeland is a corporate entrepreneur and investor focused on accelerating innovation and generating growth development through the integration of modern technology and sustainable food, nutrition, and agricultural practices.   He has particular interest in the digitization and traceability of the food and ag value chain, carbon sequestration innovations and commercial models to radically scale adoption of new forms of value generation. 

Florian Bertele

Florian is passionate about building technology products from zero to one. He has been a Founder and Product Manager at Google and Paypal, most recently in computer vision consumer applications such as Google Lens. As an investor, Florian is most interested in Machine Learning and data-driven innovation in products and business models. 

Tricia Lin

Tricia is passionate and knowledgeable about scaling cutting edge technologies globally, having worked in financial data and analytics, technology investing, and early stage web3 companies. Her angel investment interests are primarily around Web3, data, AI, and fintech early stage startups. She has particular interest supporting in female- and minority-founded startups. 

Dhwani Vahia Ramos

Dhwani is a seasoned financial services and fintech professional focusing on operations and business development. She is most interested in enterprise and consumer startups that offer novel solutions to everyday problems.

Payal Vora

Payal is a magnetics, building forensics, and sustainability engineer with a keen investment interest in green- and climate-tech startups. As a subject matter expert advisor to startups she is also interested in startups that offer tech-driven solutions to everyday problems in emerging markets.