Helping alumni connect with startups

INSEAD US Angels is an INSEAD Club operating in the US.

We invite alumni interested in angel investments to learn, contribute and actively participate in discovering promising early stage startups.

Accredited investors are able to participate in our investment opportunities, but all alumni are welcome to participate at a level they are comfortable with.

What startups say about INSEAD Angels

SF Hub

Deal Flow

We generally source deals with connections to our alumni, either as entrepreneurs or investors. We are happy to consider any promising investment opportunities that you become aware of.

Pitch Meetings

We hold regular pitch meetings, about once a quarter, Our leadership team screens opportunities and coaches the selected companies on factors that are of interest to our investment community.

Due Diligence

When there is interest in a particular deal, we form a due diligence team to do a deep dive into the company to assess their viability, terms, and chances for success. The DD effort forms the basis of our decision to write checks or form a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV).