Requirements for Angels to join the group

  • Have to be an INSEAD Alumni
  • Located or have active presence in the San Francisco Bay Area  (we’re expanding quickly across US, please write us if you’re interested)
  • Possess domain knowledge in an industry sector
  • Accredited investors as per the SEC rules.
  • Passion to support founders of visionary startups
  • Interested in investing
    • Minimum $10k check.
    • Invest in one or more startups per year
  • Nice to have:
    • Experience as an investor in the recent 24 months
    • Active involvement in portfolio companies
  • Exceptions for specific sessions:
    • Guests of INSEAD Angel members who are closely associated with the community
    • Members of INSEAD Angel groups in other locations interested in investing in a startup that is scheduled to pitch

How to join the Angel Network:

  • Register to join:
  • Join the Facebook group:

Requirements for startups to pitch to the group  

  • Startups founded by both INSEAD alumni and non-INSEAD alumni founders are welcome
  • Seeking seed/early stage investment:
    • Amount: $50k to $250k
  • An INSEAD Angel Silicon Valley member must have committed to invest in the startup
  • OR An INSEAD Angel is an active advisor to the startup and has committed to investing personal time
  • Company must be incorporated in the US

How to join the Angel Network:

  • Register to join: